Employee Giving

Employee Giving Campaign

Thank you for continuing your promise of making a positive difference in peoples’ lives. As an employee, you know the importance of Harrison and give generously in so many ways.

Every year the Foundation extends an invitation to all employees encouraging them to consider participating in the Employee Giving Campaign. Since its inception, over $700,000 has been provided in support of programs and needed equipment throughout the organization.

The boomerang concept was introduced in 2008 as a way to harness the impact that workplace giving can have on our organization. A boomerang thrown with purpose comes back. Gifts are a lot like boomerangs, once given, they return in the form of vital equipment, education and support. The more boomerangs “thrown” the greater the impact.

For questions or more information, contact Wendy Kile, Donor Relations Manager (360) 744-6976.



Your Gift Comes Back! To Patients, To You & Me

Employee Giving