Aquatic Therapy
Aquatic rehabilitation
Aquatic rehab is physical or occupational therapy in a heated swimming pool that helps you regain function of your injured area. At the same time it helps you preserve or gain total body fitness while your injury heals. It is the safest and most progressive form of rehab. Because the water supports your body and reduces stress on your joints, you can strengthen and tone your muscles while your injury heals.

Aquatic therapy allows you to reclaim, improve or maintain function, rebuilding the motions of your everyday life: walking, climbing stairs, performing dressing and grooming tasks, and participating in favorite leisure activities.

Can’t swim?
You don’t need to know how to swim to take part in aquatic therapy, and there’s no age limit. Our therapists personally guide you through activities geared toward your condition or injury.

HydroWorx Therapy Pool
Harrison's physical rehabilitation services offer the state-of-the-art HydroWorx pool. The versatile technology features an integrated treadmill and adjustable pool floor, which make it a vital rehab tool for all ages.

Adjustable Floor Depth
This feature allows you to perform at the right depth to maximize your therapy while minimizing risk of falls and stress on your joints. Wheelchair-bound patients can enter the pool at floor level without the use of stairs or lifts.

Integrated Treadmill
Whether you’re just beginning to walk or are using the pool for athletic training, the treadmill can be adjusted for a customized therapy, from 2/10 of a mile per hour to over 8 mph.

Underwater Video Monitoring
Underwater front and side cameras capture your therapy on screen—and video—allowing our therapists and you to observe progress.

Getting started
A physician’s referral is necessary, so discuss aquatic therapy with your physician. The cost is comparable to other types of rehabilitation. Stop by our Silverdale campus for a tour, or call us at 360-744-8980.